How to issue a credit card without a SSN and its perks?

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Do you really need a SSN to issue yourself a credit card?

If you are an international student, you would probably not have a SSN yet and it would be difficult for you to get a credit card…

A very short and simple solution to the problem.

I had an account in amazon back in India, but it would not work after arriving in the U.S., not the app, or the website, it logs and gets stuck at 2-factor auth like shown in the image.

Stuck point

In case you…

Guide for paying your tuition and a tip at the end ;)

I am writing this blog assuming you are a student at the UF. (For other colleges, it would be similar, might not be the same), but the tip would be the same for all U.S. students :)

How exactly do we pay our tuition?


Get the cheapest rate in the market by doing your own research

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I assume you have already read my previous posts on basic understanding of paying your tuition fees. If not, have a quick read here

A long note for understanding the concept.

There are 2 types of ways you can get your money to the U.S…

Guide for Wells Fargo bank account opening and a tip ;)

First things first!

  1. Two I.D. proofs are required, these include your passport, Gator Id, and forex card. A forex card (edit: any debit or credit card) can only be considered an I.D. if you have your name on it.

Tips and tricks to get you started: for international students

If you have arrived in Gainesville for your masters, you have probably come to the U.S. for the first time in your life.

I will try to point out the things you should do to get you started.

  1. Stop converting

How to fix you vaccination app notifier after the new rate limiter implemented by the government on Co-Win, API Setu apis.

- Issue
- Target Audience
- Solution
- Suggestion
- Other tips

Recently, I tried booking a slot for my brother using the tip I mentioned in my…

Guide and a tip to book a slot for 18+ with a high chance of getting it.

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If you are one of those people who are eager to get the slot for vaccination and have been stuck for a long time now, this blog is for you.

I will try…

An experience for donor search and resources for registration.


I would try to keep this short and precise.

If you have come to this blog, you too are looking for plasma in Delhi (or any other city ), I am sharing my experience so that you can also benefit…

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